How to load a rosin micron bag like a pro

Not all micron bags are created equal. So when it comes to pressing cannabis rosin you need to make sure you have the right bag size, u/microns and bag loading technique for the product you’re pressing.

In this article you will learn:

What micron bag for rosin?

Using a micron bag for pressing rosin produces a product of higher quality which is free of plant matter contamination.

You can press flower/bud, hash, shake or dry sift inside a micron bag to produce a solventless rosin extract using a rosin press machine.

It’s possible to press flowers for rosin without a bag. You can do this directly inside some greaseproof paper. However, for best results and pressing higher volumes of flower in one single press, a micron bag is highly recommended.

Best micron bag for pressing flower

The ideal micron range for pressing flowers is 90 to 160 u/Micron.

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The finer the mesh the higher the quality of the product but may lower the yield. However, in our experience, we have not found any difference in quality or yield based on micron size within this range.

Best micron bag for pressing hash, kief and dry sift

For pressing hash, kief and dry sift you must use a micron bag within the 70 to 90 u/micron range with very little variation in yield and quality. Failing to use a micron bag when pressing hash/kief will result in a sticky non-dabable mess!

It’s possible to mix flowers with hash/kief in the same micron bag to produce concentrate blends when you’re more confident with your bag loading and pressing methods.

How to load a rosin micron bag for optimal yield

There are several ways to prepare micron bags for pressing cannabis rosin.

Here we’ll look at those:

Traditional bag loading method (easy)

You can load traditionally flat making sure the plant material fills the bag right into the corners to prevent any trapping of oil and wastage, then cutting and folding the top envelope style.

Bottleneck bag loading method (pro)

Or the tricky but efficient bottleneck method that minimizes rosin contacting and getting stuck in seems of the bag:

Rosin bottleneck micron bag

This is a 2.5 x 4.5 inch 160 microns rosin bag made from high-quality nylon and FDA approved.

Perfect for the size of plates on this hand-crank rosin press machine.

Rosin bottleneck fold corner

Step 1 With the solid end of a pair of tweezers push the corner of the bag almost halfway back in so it looks like the image below. Then you can repeat the process on the opposite corner so the bag looks like this:

Rosin bottleneck both corners folded

Step 2 Now you can open the bag and with a little manipulation make the bottom flat so you can now load it cylindrically like a tube.

Be sure to pack the flowers in firmly without gaps.

Then you can cut the bag 1.5cm above the plant material level:

Rosin bottleneck micron bag

Step 3 Once loaded you can close the bag by folding two opposite sides towards each other much like wrapping a Xmas/birthday gift:

Micron bag bottleneck loaded ready

Step 4 Now fold the two remaining sides toward each other to complete the wrap:

Micron bag between tweezers

You should have something that looks like the image above.

It’s important to remember to keep hold of your micron bag either in your fingers or between tweezers once loaded/folded so it doesn’t come open. Now you’re ready to position your micron bag between parchment paper for pressing.

Check out how to press rosin at home using a hand-crank rosin press machine to see how we put this loaded micron bag into hardcore squishing action.


Paul (Weeman)

Official job title: Cannabis connoisseur & rosin pressing expert

I've been using cannabis rosin to self-medicate for the past 6-7 years. Despite my life-changing spinal injuries, I'm successfully able to reduce muscle spasms and improve sleep to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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