Manual Hand-Crank Rosin Press Review

I love this press. It looks like something out of Back to the Future with these cool retro stickers. But really I love it more for its affordability and proven results squishing rosin. I've been using this manual press every day for over two years and words just can't describe how much enjoyment I get from cranking the wheel and seeing that sexy goo ooze out from between its plates.

Hand Crank Rosin Press Machine

Hand Crank Rosin Press Features:

Manual pressure

1000 PSI - 3000 psi

7x12cm / 2.4x4.7in

Dual plate heating

Built-in timer

Rosin press rating

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Things to consider when buying this manual rosin press

This reasonably priced press is perfect for home use if you have the time and physical strength to crank it. Otherwise, you might need a friend or family member to help out. You can reach up to an impressive 3000PSI by cranking the wheel in a twist motion.

The manual hand-crank rosin press comes with bolts so can be easily secured to a workbench or table. Alternatively, you can use some g-clamps instead. It’s advised to secure the press to a secure surface to achieve the best results and prevent it from moving around and causing or being damaged.

When I set the temperature on my press sometimes it heats up higher than needed but settles back to where it should be. The newer models don't seem to have this issue though.

For the price, this is a great budget press suitable for squishing both flower and hash in reasonable quantities.


Affordable budget press

Large plate size 

Ideal for home use


Requires physical strength to operate  

Takes a while for plates to heat up

Temperature fluctuates on some models 

See Real results using this hand-crank rosin press

Here is some GC flower I pressed in-between parchment paper using the hand-crank press at maximum pressure:

Rosin results manual press

To see this press in action check out how to press rosin at home using a hand-crank rosin press machine where I share my returns.

If you click these links and make a purchase we will make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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