How to re-hydrate weed to increase your rosin yield by 3%

Learn how to re-hydrate your cannabis to raise its moisture content and get the best results when pressing rosin. Overcured weed will produce a dry, flakey, difficult to collect, oxidised low yield rosin. And we don’t want that.

To get the best results with your rosin press you need to re-hydrate dry weed.

What’s needed to re-hydrate weed?

If you want to know how to re-hydrate weed then you will need the following items:

  1. A tall airtight jar
  2. Lettuce leaf/stalk (is a good natural hydrant)
  3. One sheet of kitchen paper/towel
  4. Some dry herb
  5. Digital pocket scales

Cannabis pre-hydration

Here is my Green Crack at pre-hydration displaying 3.91 grams on the digital scales. You can see the herb is well cured for storing. Frosty and pale:

Weed Pre-hydration

Cannabis hydration process

Step 1: Start by placing the dry flower/herb into the jar with the lettuce leaf.

Step 2: Then fold the piece of kitchen towel in half and then directly half again resulting in a long narrow strip. Dip half of this folded kitchen paper into water and squeeze gently so it’s wet but not dripping.

Step 3: Next, hang the kitchen paper halfway over the jar so that the wet half is inside the jar not touching herb and the remaining dry half hangs outside the jar:

Weed re-hydration technique

Step 4: Finally, close the lid creating an airtight environment where the cannabis flowers will naturally absorb the moisture in the jar.

Cannabis jar re-hydration

I had the best yields when rehydrating 3-4 grams this way until the bud had gained 0.3 grams in weight. You can confirm this using a set of decent digital pocket weighing scales.

Cannabis post-hydration

Here is our Green Crack flower post-hydration (4 hours) now weighing 4.21 grams (exactly 0.3 heavier in added moisture content), around 7% that’s ready for squishing:

Weed post hydration

You can see the herb is darker now and you will feel the difference.

My results

Using the re-hydrated weed with this hand-crank rosin press machine I got some very respectful returns:

Hydrated weed rosin pressing results

If you follow this guide on how to re-hydrate weed then you will increase the overall rosin yield by 2-3%. This is because you’re adding moisture, but it’s more about improving the consistency of the end product.

Tip: if you’re pressing large quantities of rosin and storing it in silicon pots it’s best to do so in the fridge and you will notice as the days go by the rosin will dry and take on a crumbly texture.


Paul (Weeman)

Official job title: Cannabis connoisseur & rosin pressing expert

I've been using cannabis rosin to self-medicate for the past 6-7 years. Despite my life-changing spinal injuries, I'm successfully able to reduce muscle spasms and improve sleep to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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